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CDO Magazine appoints Michael Fillios to its Editorial Board as SMB expert on data


CINCINNATI, Jan. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Chief Data Officer (CDO) Magazine expands Editorial Board with the addition of small and medium businesses industry thought leader and author, Michael Fillios. Founder of IT Ally and the IT Ally Institute, Fillios is at the forefront of leading SMBs to recognize the value of data as a critical company asset.

CDO Magazine is committed as a catalyst to connect Chief Data Officer’s throughout the globe where data/analytics leaders can experience a profound sense of community, creating a platform where the best ideas, innovations, companies, and leaders are celebrated.

“Michael brings SMB and thought leadership expertise in understanding, valuing, and leveraging the data assets to the CDO community. His participation on the Editorial Board provides the SMB with a powerful voice adding value to the conversation and channeling overall benefits of the CDO community to maximize value for the SMB.”
– Steve Wanamaker Publisher and CEO, CDO Magazine

“The data assets of an organization are components of the current and future value of the enterprise. Data becomes valuable assets when enriched by a business’s development of products, processes and services meeting customers’ needs. For the SMB, this exposes a layer of value that is increasingly important to the future of the business.”
– Michael Fillios, Founder, IT Ally and IT Ally Institute

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IT Ally, LLC. is a market leader for providing IT and Cyber advisory services for small and mid-size businesses. Our industry-leading research and practices, exceptional IT and Cyber practitioners combined with our unique subscription-based delivery model, helps organizations grow, be more secure and maximize the value of their technology investments.

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The IT Ally Institute provides small and mid-size businesses access to knowledge, research and tools which help improve the capabilities for managing IT, to future proof their business and improve their tech bottom line. The Institute recently published “Tech Debt 2.0 How to Future Proof Your Small Business and Improve Your Tech Bottom Line”.

About CDO Magazine

CDO Magazine grew from MIT’s annual CDO and Information Quality Symposium (MIT CDOIQ), led since 2007 by MIT’s Sloan School of Management, ipartnering with the International Society of Chief Data Officers (isCDO) and ComSpark. Our vision and mission are to be the premier global publication, giving a voice to global leaders in strategic data management and analytics capabilities that form the foundation and core of the digital age.

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