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A well-known CPG company had underinvested in their core ERP and operations platforms, specifically regarding Warehouse operations and their WMS platform. As a result, they were experiencing delays in shipping product, incurring fines from key resellers, struggling to keep pace with business growth and unable to execute their domestic and international expansion plans. They had committed to investing in new systems with the help of a market-leading consulting firm, but deduced they were not getting sufficient or objective guidance around WMS.


Rapidly assess the clients ERP/WMS replacement program, align stakeholders on critical requirements, develop robust WMS requirements based on stakeholder input, create objective scoring & weighting criteria and lead client through an objective and unbiased review of the product landscape.


Lead client to rapidly achieve consensus on WMS system requirements, execute an RFP, thoroughly examine, and review the product landscape, conduct targeted demonstrations based on meaningful use-cases, select the product and systems integrator that best-fit their needs. Implementation is now underway and on track.

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