Includes a comprehensive and tailored solution to maximize value and provide ongoing management oversight and execution of your value creation program and initiatives.

Maximize Portfolio Value Creation

To justify paying the increased multiples, PE firms are under more pressure to significantly enhance operational value to achieve desired returns. This has led to a sharper focus on value creation planning, requiring a more comprehensive approach to enterprise-wide transformation by leveraging an ever-increasing set of value levers and a more disciplined and transparent approach to execution. According to the 2022 KPMG Market Insights Study, the intensity of value creation planning is higher and is actively pursued at or before due diligence by 66% of all firms with half of all firms taking a balanced approach to revenue and cost in their value creation plans yielding 3X higher EBITDA growth.

Now more than ever, the availability of additional sources of data insight allows firms to identify many more potential levers including strategies that focus on technology investment and digital transformation. These two levers are expected to double in importance over the next three years with increased investments to deliver value creation objectives.

At IT Ally, we help to “future ready” and accelerate value creation. With our extensive multidisciplinary and industry experienced teams, our deep private equity industry knowledge and technology enabled service delivery model, we are helping portfolio company leadership teams and investors to ELEVATE their business, outperform their competition and increase enterprise value.


Elevate is comprised of three service components to create a purpose-built solution for portfolio companies to define or refine their growth objectives, create their tailored value creation plan (VCP) and to enable the ongoing management and performance with a managed service delivery model.

Growth Diagnostic & Analysis

● Target Market Diagnostic Analysis
● CRM Diagnostic Analysis
● Sales ROTI Diagnostic Analysis
● Competitive Positioning Diagnostic Analysis
● Value Proposition & Marketing Demand Gen Diagnostic Analysis
● Distinctive Competency Diagnostic Analysis
● Strategic Value Chain Summary

Value Creation Plan Development

● Strategic Value Chain Optimization
● Create Value Bridge
● Value Drivers Identification
● Identify Value Creation Accelerators and Gaps
● Define Key Results and KPI’s Mapping to Key Objectives
● Define Key Initiatives Mapping to Key Results
● Define Task Mapping to Key Initiatives

Value Creation as a Service VCaaS

● Establish Value Creation Plan
● Annual Performance Review
● Annual Strategic Objective Planning
● Quarterly Performance Analysis
● Quarterly Tactical Initiative Review
● Portfolio Company Value Bridge Update
● Project Management Reviews
● Task & Initiative Updates

Key Benefits to Private Equity firms and their Portfolio Companies include:

  • Value Creation Centric Managed Service Provider
  • Utilize Standard Platform and Reporting
  • 1 Common Source of Truth for all Portfolio Companies
  • Gains and Maintains VCP Alignment across all stakeholders
  • Creates VCP Multi-dimensional Accountability across all stakeholders
  • Generates extra-ordinary Value Creation

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