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We understand that industries within the private equity realm face unique challenges such as increased competition, regulatory scrutiny, and complex investment structures. Our PE advisory firms’ services are built to help businesses uncover these challenges and create strategies to mitigate risk. With our depth of expertise, our specialized services and solutions are designed to help private equity firms navigate these challenges, leverage their resources, and achieve success on a global scale.

Who We Serve

We provide private equity advisory expertise and knowledge to Private Equity firms of all sizes, addressing industry-specific issues and ensuring their continued growth and success.

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Ways We Can Help

Our private equity advisory services enable private equity firms to address industry-specific challenges by leveraging our key advisory services, ensuring they are in a position to generate maximum returns.

Michael Fillios,
Founder and CEO

Joseph Dunsmore, Lead Growth Advisor

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Tony Bezilla, Senior IT Advisor

Tony Bezilla

Bob Strong, Senior IT Advisor

Bob Strong

Marc Pillon, Risk Program Manager

Marc Pillon

Chris Schmidt, Senior Risk Advisor

Chris Schmidt

Michael Fillios,
Founder and CEO

Mary Ann Burr, Senior IT Advisor

Michael Fillios, IT Ally Founder & CEO

Mike Womack,
Senior HR Advisor, Talent Advisory Services Practice

Mike Womack

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Our unique approach to complex industries

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We help Private Equity firms tackle challenges every day, regardless of their location, business, or size. Our experts can provide the right solutions to assist your organization in overcoming industry-specific obstacles.