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A mid-market 3PL was struggling to scale their operations under the weight of an overly customized and underperforming Warehouse Management System (WMS), specifically in meeting the Just-In-Time (JIT) requirements of two major auto manufacturers. There only practical response was to throw people at the problem and invoke a series of manual workarounds to circumvent system shortcomings.


Assess the client’s business objectives, WMS product architecture, platform scalability and data quality. Analyze gaps in the current system and uncover business process workarounds to determine the path forward and gain consensus from decision makers.


Identified specific areas of risk including “shadow-IT” resources making undocumented and unauthorized system changes (leading to downstream performance and data integrity issues) and a crippled incumbent EDI architecture resulting in information delays and order discrepancies. Identified specific opportunities for improvement to address immediate tactical needs including change governance as well as a long-term roadmap including full suite of WMS and EDI requirements, estimated costs and duration, business process improvements, and IT operating model. Unauthorized system changes came to a halt through effective program governance. RFI’s were developed and initiated for WMS and supporting EDI platform. A new EDI platform was selected and implemented, while the incumbent WMS platform was validated to be capable of supporting the business and a program to re-implement properly was undertaken.

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