Includes a comprehensive and tailored solution to provide management oversight and execution of technology modernization programs to preserve and maximize value.

Future Proof Your Portfolio Investment

At IT Ally, we help to future proof portfolio company technology investments and preserve the value of your business. Keeping your custom software code current, secure, scalable and cloud ready, requires a deep understanding of your code base and modernization plan options. According to IEEE,  58% of developers’ time is spent understanding existing code. In addition, according to QA-Vector Research, 65% of applications require rearchitecting to take advantage of Cloud.

Our Modernize solution is purpose built to rapidly assess and remediate custom built applications to reduce risk and accelerate modernization.

It includes a comprehensive set of services enabled by CAST, the software intelligence category leader, that can see inside custom applications with MRI-like precision, automatically generating intelligence about their inner workings. This allows SMBs and their investors to gain a complete view of risk and the modernization opportunity. 


We leverage a highly differentiated and tailored approach to pinpoint what needs to change in the source code, the effort required, the best-suited cloud services to use, and the modernization steps, such as rehost, refactor, re-architect, etc.). With this information, our expert team of CTO advisors can create and manage plans with confidence, remove blockers and accelerate the path to modernization and time to benefit.

Execute Software Code Scans

● Determine Scope of Code Review
● Access Software Code Base
● Execute Deep Dive MRI Code Scans
● Identify Risks and Modernization Gaps
● Summarize Results and Remediation Priorities
● Mobilize Initiatives to Support Modernization Plan

Modernization Plan Development

● Review Output of Software Code Review
● Create Modernization Plan
● Identify Risk and Value Creation Drivers
● Refine Cost Estimates and Mapping to Key Objectives
● Define Modernization Resource Needs and Plan
● Initiate Software Development Partner Evaluation

Fractional CTO Services

● Manage Modernization Plan
● Evaluate & Select Software Development Partners
● Oversee Project Execution
● Optimize Software Development Lifecycle
● Project Management Reviews
● Manage Stakeholder Communications

Software Due Diligence

At IT Ally, we partner with Private Equity firms throughout all phases of their transaction lifecycle, performing both buy and sell side due diligence. According to Gartner, over 90% of organizations use open source components within their software which introduces security, legal, and obsolescence risks. Our Transaction Advisory services include conducting software reviews leveraging the CAST Highlight and CAST Imaging products to automate technology due diligence. CAST Highlight analyzes application cloud readiness automatically based on 100s of Cloud patterns. It identifies open source risks across the entire portfolio and prioritizes the most critical vulnerabilities to address first based on facts. CAST Imaging enables architects to see how legacy code needs to transform and automatically creates interactive blueprints of the software inner workings – all data elements, code components, their interactions, transaction flows, access paths to help architects and developers navigate key modernization steps.

“Custom-built applications provide a competitive advantage to lower middle market portfolio companies and run their critical business processes but could be overwhelming to keep up to date. We’re thrilled to partner with IT Ally. Their vast experience of technology challenges enables IT Ally to leverage software intelligence insights to help their clients make informed decisions and reduce risk while accelerating application modernization.”

–   Vinod Uniyal, Vice President, NA Channel Sales, CAST

“Our partnership with CAST deepens our ability to service our lower middle market portfolio company clients with a world class capability that provides insights on the composition, architecture, transaction flows, cloud readiness, structural flaws, legal and security risks associated with custom built applications. Modernizing a custom-built application consisting of millions of lines of code requires a deep understanding of its inner workings – something many SMBs lack due to attrition, business changes, and other factors.”

  Michael Fillios, Founder & CEO, IT Ally

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