Strategic Firm’s Cybersecurity Boost: A Success



Our client is a leading strategic advisory firm specializing in International Policy, Defense, Cyber, Intelligence, and Homeland Security.  They utilize independent contractors and advisors with decades of experience in the White House, CIA, Departments of Defense, State, and Justice, Congress, and the Private Sector to provide clients with an in-depth understanding of national security decision-making to advance objectives and solve problems in Washington and abroad. IT Ally was engaged to perform full IT and Cybersecurity due diligence on behalf of our PE Partner including their business applications, internal IT infrastructure, cybersecurity, and data. This included gaining an understanding of their compliance with regulatory requirements such as CMMC.


IT Ally completed a comprehensive IT and cybersecurity due diligence review which resulted in several findings, particularly in the area of cybersecurity governance, risk, and compliance. We leveraged the NIST control framework as part of our cyber risk review and supplemented it by performing internal and external vulnerability scans of the external and internal networks. The results of this scan pointed to issues in the network infrastructure, which if not patched, would have left this firm vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks.  Along with the cybersecurity deficiencies, our findings pointed to siloed data and disjointed business processes that would not be able to sustain anticipated 4X growth.​​


We recommended several day initiatives including the adoption of a formal Governance, Risk and Compliance program to provide cybersecurity oversight and management, program monitoring, and compliance automation. Our vulnerability testing pinpointed critical and high Issues that were prioritized, which the target was able to address prior to closing.  Our post-closing plan quickly mobilized a software evaluation and selection to address end-to-end business processes and technology requirements to enable a solid foundation for transactional data and visibility into profitability.

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