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CINCINNATI, Sept. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — IT Ally, an award-winning IT and Cybersecurity Advisory firm serving SMBs, has formally launched SMB Fortify™ to deliver strategic cybersecurity advisory, governance, risk and compliance expertise with the security and network operational excellence from Ascend Technologies as an end-to-end cybersecurity solution.

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SMB Fortify™ includes a comprehensive catalog of services that includes hardware, software, and services that spans program management, network, and security operations capabilities. The combination of the strategic advisory from IT Ally and the operational excellence from Ascend, delivers a unique and tailored solution to protect against business impacting incidents.

“As SMBs have emerged as the new targets for ransomware and government sponsored hacking, we are seeing many of our clients shift their position on risk tolerance in the cybersecurity arena. Clients are also seeing increased demands from their customers to implement more robust cybersecurity protection. SMBs have typically under-invested in this area and having appropriate cybersecurity protection is beginning to surface as a competitive differentiator and strategy to preserve the valuation of their business. The SMB Fortify solution provides the resources, expertise, tools and techniques specifically designed for SMBs to become more resilient and cyber ready.”

– Michael Fillios, Founder & CEO, IT Ally

“The SMB Fortify™ solution represents a perfect union of the capabilities of our two companies. With staggering statistics such as 60% of companies going out of business within 6 months of experiencing a security breach and, 74% of companies not getting their data back after paying a ransom, we consider cybersecurity to be the primary threat to the success of any company in the SMB space.”

– Wayne Kiphart, CEO, Ascend Technologies

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Founded in 2017, IT Ally, LLC. is a market leader for providing IT and Cyber advisory services for small and mid-size businesses or SMBs. Our industry-leading research and best practices, exceptional team of IT and Cyber practitioners combined with our unique subscription-based delivery model, helps organizations to grow, be more secure and to maximize the value of their technology investments. For more information, contact Michael Fillios at or visit to learn more.

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Ascend Technologies is a far cry from your run of the mill managed services provider. Our team of over 240 U.S.-based information technology professionals enable business growth through innovation and technology. Ascend helps business leaders make IT investments with confidence, eliminate cybersecurity threats, meet the needs of the business, and optimize user productivity. Businesses endure, grow, and innovate on a foundation of efficiently run core IT systems. Ascend makes technology the catalyst for business expansion. For more information, visit

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