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IT Ally launches Private Equity (PE) Ally Advisory Services to maximize portfolio value creation


CINCINNATI, July 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — IT Ally, an award-winning IT and Cybersecurity Advisory firm serving SMBs, has formally launched a suite of services called PE Ally for lower mid-market private equity firms to augment internal operating partner teams. Our PE Ally services can be leveraged across all stages of the Private Equity investment lifecycle including pre-investment, growth and mergers and acquisitions.

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We combine our industry and technology expertise with our proprietary Tech Debt 2.0™ and Tech Equity diagnostics to create bespoke plans to improve IT and Cybersecurity capabilities that increase enterprise value and reduce portfolio risk. PE Ally is a cost-effective and scalable alternative to access experienced technology experts to serve the diverse needs of private equity firms looking for a trusted independent operating partner.

“We have been partnering with private equity firms directly for several years as well serving many SMB’s owned by PE firms so this was a natural evolution to formalize these offerings. One of our key differentiators is that many of us are business owners, therefore we think and act like them, which is a critical mindset when serving this market segment.”

– Michael Fillios, Founder & CEO, IT Ally

Our PE Ally services provide a full range of capabilities that are designed to not only serve the needs of the portfolio company, but also to address the unique needs of the PE firm. We specialize in buy-side and sell-side IT and Cybersecurity due diligence, acquisition integration and identifying technology driven investments to drive growth and value creation.

Founded in 2017, IT Ally, LLC. is a market leader for providing C-Suite IT and Cyber advisory services for small and mid-size businesses or SMBs. Our industry-leading research and best practices, exceptional team of IT and Cyber practitioners combined with our unique subscription-based delivery model, helps organizations to grow, be more secure and to maximize the value of their technology investments.

For more information, contact Michael Fillios at or visit to learn more.

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