Tech Equity™ Diagnostic

Are You Creating Equity From Your Technology Investments That Enables Your Organization To Compete In A Digital Environment?

Don’t assume that you know the answer! A company that creates Tech Equity has the systems, skills and mindset to thrive in a world that is increasingly digital, distributed, virtual and automated.

The Tech Equity Diagnostic is an online self-assessment that measures your organization’s capability to use technology to sense, analyze, predict and decide and determines a score of Excellent, Good, Fair or Poor that is derived based on ratings and importance weightings across 53 questions and 9 capability areas.

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Tech Equity™ Diagnostic

Data & Analytics

     We capture and maintain data on nearly every customer interaction and internal process

     We have strong data quality and governance practices

     We have strong business intelligence (BI) reporting capabilities

     Managers and executives throughout the organization rely on data/reports to aid in decision making

     We use predictive analytics to anticipate the future, not just report on the past

     We use real-time data to respond almost immediately to changing conditions in our business

     We use mathematical optimization techniques for supply chain and inventory management

Customer Focus

     We have a strong outside-in focus on customers throughout the entire organization including IT and other back-office functions

     We use digital products and services to personalize customer experiences and communication

     Our systems are integrated so a customer can seamlessly transition from an online interaction with us to a phone call or in-person visit

     We use customer journey mapping, or related methodology, to understand customer perspectives, needs and interaction points with our organization and its systems

     We have used customer research to segment our customer base and created vivid personas for each segment

     We use prototyping, Lean UX and beta-testing to ensure that products resonate with customers and are easy to understand and use

Digital Culture & Talent

     Digital customer interactions and internal processes are first-class, not just a poor imitation of legacy processes and in-person encounters

     We have created a work-environment and incentive structure that attracts talented technical and creative people

     We have employees with the ability to adopt and implement emerging technologies

     We have an ecosystem of trusted consultants and freelancers who bring specialty technical expertise, design skills and flexible capacity to our internal team

     When it makes sense, we are willing and capable of developing and supporting custom applications to create technology assets that deliver a competitive advantage

     Digital is not delegated to the IT department it is on the agenda for every executive and leader

     Our top IT leader is on the senior management team (C-suite) and fully engaged in strategic business planning

Process Excellence

     Our internal processes are digitally enabled with few if any paper forms

     Internal communications are almost entirely digital and trackable

     Our financial processes including accounts payable, accounts receivable, banking and payroll are primarily conducted digitally

     Our manufacturing floor is monitored and tracked digitally

     Our inventory management system is robust and digital

     Communications with sales channels and supply chain partners are primarily digital and often automated across organizations

Business Agility

     We leverage digital platforms, such as eCommerce and mobile, to enable customer interactions

     We take a data driven approach to understanding customer needs and can respond quickly to meet them

     When developing new digital products or services we focus on speed to market and testing whether it meets real customer needs

     We use digital marketing techniques and automation to maintain competitor and market awareness


     Our organization has a senior manager responsible for risk that includes physical and cyber security as well as regulatory compliance

     We have a defined cyber security program that is documented and proactively managed by internal and/or external resources

     We use defense-in-depth methods to secure not only our networks with firewalls and DNS blockers but also encrypt critical data and require authentication for devices and access to core applications

     Our organization has formal plans for Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR)

     Our BC and DR plans are periodically tested for effectiveness

     Our organization performs period risk assessments using industry standards such as NIST

     Cyber security includes regular training of employees to avoid social hacking, insecure data practices and phishing

Infrastructure Optimization

     We think about investing in technical infrastructure much like we would think about investing in a new office building, store, warehouse or production facility

     We provide scalable and secure computing and collaboration tools to our employees to maximize productivity

     Our networks and server infrastructure meet our current and near-term needs

     Cloud computing is definitely part of our infrastructure and application mix

Tech Debt Management

     Our company takes a strategic approach to legacy systems with a commitment to systematically retire and replace or maintain, modernize and migrate systems

     Our IT personnel keep current on technology trends and actively pursue relevant training

     We establish budgets for IT and manage costs to meet budget

     We faithfully use a version control system for applications and systems

     Our applications are robust and easy to modify in response to changing requirements

     Documentation for business processes and supporting applications is current and thorough

     IT projects consistently meet the business and technical objectives when completed

Business Model Innovation

     We emphasize innovation and are comfortable with experimentation and rapid prototyping

     Failing because of risk taking is accepted as the cost of doing business and encouraging innovation

     We try to have a start-up mentality, using digital technology to rethink the business model and potentially disrupt both competitors and our own traditional ways of doing business

     We conduct market surveillance to understand potential disruptions to our business model

     We make sure there are career and financial incentives for employees who help us innovate and open up new market opportunities